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My first decoupage


This was my first try to do decoupage and it’s not as hard as I thought it may be. You just need patience and a steel hand 😉 So I did it on wood but you can do it on any hard material, like glass, ceramic,..
I used a paper napkin but next time I’ll try with rice paper.

I found this on the Internet: The origin of decoupage is thought to be East Siberian tomb art. Nomadic tribes used cut out felts to decorate the tombs of their deceased. From Siberia, the practice came to China, and by the 12th century, cut out paper was being used to decorate lanterns, windows, boxes and other objects. In the 17th century, Italy, especially Venice, was at the forefront of trade with the Far East and it is generally thought that it is through these trade links that the cut out paper decorations made their way into Europe.


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